The Zoo

Today PT and I went to the zoo. It was truly an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. PT had an absolute blast seeing all the animals. She particularly liked the lions in the Tigers. I think they reminded her of our kitty that we have at home. She desperately wanted to pet the tiger. Little does she know how awful of an idea that would have been.

We also got to see a lot of other animals such as bears and giraffes. PT was a little scared of the giraffes, probably because they’re so tall. She really did like seeing the Bears though. I’m assuming they reminded her of her favorite stuffed animal back at home. We also got to see a bunch of penguins which was really cool. I still don’t know how they managed to get them to live such happy lives even though our weather is drastically different than where they’re from. But they looked incredibly happy.

I made it a point to make us go inside of the snake enclosure. It’s not actually a snake enclosure where you get the touch the snakes. Instead it’s kind of like an aquarium where there snakes all around. It was really neat PT seem to really enjoy it. I’m really cherishing spending these moments with her. It’s really an amazing experience.

She absolutely loved going inside of the bird exhibit. She goes nuts whenever she sees a bird in our yard, so it was a bit of a stimulation overload when she got to see all the birds that they had at the zoo. It was adorable!

I wish the wife could have gone with us. I understand that she had to work but it’s still sad that she couldn’t experiences with us.

Anyways, I’m extremely exhausted now and I’m going to be going to bed. Can’t wait to let you all know about our next adventure together.

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