The Park

Today we went to the park for the very first time. It was a beautiful day outside, a brisk 70° and sunny. Truly the perfect day to bring Princess Theresa to the park. I was a bit worried about bringing her to the park, however my wife reassured me that it would be a good idea to expose her to crowds at an early age.

So I loaded her up in the SUV and off we went to the park. When we got there, it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. This was nice as it allowed us to really settle in and get used to everything that was around us. As we were sitting there, a lot of different parents approached me and wanted to look at PT and talk about her. I had an experience this before, but is actually really nice.

It’s kinda similar to how when you go walking your dog in the park or in the words and you see another person they will stop you and often talk about your dog and what breed they are and how old they are. I was so the stuff was kind of corny when I was younger, but it’s actually really cool.

Now back to the park. Unfortunately PT is a little too young to go playing on the equipment. I could tell she wanted to get out of her stroller and go have fun. She did get to interact with the little three-year-old who came over and talk to her. Fortunately, PG is a talking yet but she seemed to enjoy it nonetheless.

Going to be great in a couple years when I can bring her here and she could go down the slide. Also can be fun being able to push her on the swings. These are the memories that I really hope she cherishes forever.

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