The Dog

Today we didn’t go out for any adventures, instead we had one on her own home. The wife and I have been talking for a while and decided that we wanted PT to grow up with the dog. Today’s the day that we brought home our brand-new puppy, Dennis.

Dennis is a beautiful four-month-old chocolate Labrador. It is such a tender and loving little puppy. We really think PT is going to grow up to adore this puppy. There gonna be best friends.

But my wife and I grew up having dogs all of our lives. When we were younger we chat them and they were our best friends. They taught us so much about friendship and compassion and love. We wanted PT to experience the same thing.

When he first showed Dennis to PT, PT was a bit afraid. She has a really spent much time around dogs. But once Dennis licked PT’s face, all of the fear in PT went way. Dennis barely leaves PT side. It’s really adorable.

Now we don’t have a fenced in backyard for Dennis to run around in. So he thought it was a good idea to get him an outdoor dog kennel. You know similar to the one that they had in the movie Beethoven. We did a lot of research on which outdoor dog kennel we were going to choose, and we went with one that we found on this site.

Were probably going to get a fence later down the road. Once PT gets a little older so she can run around in the backyard with a little less supervision. We live in a very safe area, but we still do want her or Dennis getting out. It’s crazy that I actually have to think about this now. Being an adult is kind of scary. Responsible for so much in you still don’t really know what you’re doing in life you don’t have all the answers but so much pressure on you. I just can only do my best and I hope that’s good enough for my family.

I look forward to updating you on our next adventure.

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