Monthly Archive:: April 2016

The Zoo

Today PT and I went to the zoo. It was truly an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. PT had an absolute blast seeing all the animals. She particularly liked the lions in the Tigers. I think

The Dog

Today we didn’t go out for any adventures, instead we had one on her own home. The wife and I have been talking for a while and decided that we wanted PT to grow up with the

The Park

Today we went to the park for the very first time. It was a beautiful day outside, a brisk 70° and sunny. Truly the perfect day to bring Princess Theresa to the park. I was a bit


Hey I’m Michael. This site is going to be about the world through my daughter’s eyes. My daughter’s name is Princess Theresa Bia, but we call her P.T. She is the absolute love of my life. I’m